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This website and blog is a resource on business agility, people engagement and workplace design.

Business agility is about being able to  anticipate, react quickly and adapt. It requires understanding of, and harmonisation with, people, workplace and environment. In turn, this enables an organisation to exploit opportunity, avoid threat and gain competitor advantage. All of which helps make enterprises and economies sustainable.

% of workers are highly disengaged at work.

Amount in £ just one missed call can cost a business, according to BT.

% workforce believe that working 9 to 5 is no longer relevant.

% of business leaders see wellness as critical issue for future workplace.

People Engagement

People Engagement

Your people; your employees, customers, suppliers, the local community and wider communities you might affect, all have a part to play in your business



The workplace isn’t just the office; it is the home, cafes, trains, cleint facilities and more. Wherever it is it needs to work for the people using it



All organisations also have an impact on and are impacted by the environment, though many of these go unseen. Political landscape, legislation, the economy, resources and supply chains need constant monitoring

A few things about Agility…



Agility can be described as ‘the ability of a business…to rapidly respond to change…sustained by maintaining and adapting goods and services…’



Business, and the way it is done, is changing. This is due to the changing environment and changing technology, as well as the demands of the new work force



The workplace is no longer fixed in time and space. It can be wherever the worker is located
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