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How many communities are you involved in?

You have clients, suppliers, market sectors and locations that are all affected by the activities of your business. Your staff come from a community and you may have communities that you affect without even knowing.

Each community is important

So how valuable would it be to improve the skills and knowledge of the members of the community where your employees come from; to better engage from the community that buys from you; or to pay quicker the community that comprises your suppliers?

And while we are talking about suppliers, where does everything you buy from them come from? Do you have a complete supply chain audit so that you know nothing you buy involves underpaid staff or resource inefficient materials?

What about the environment: are you sourcing sustainably and being energy efficient so as to be carbon-neutral and to not cause further damage to the physical world around you?

None of us exist or work in isolation, but it can sometimes be hard to connect with those around us. When you start thinking about the lives you touch it is easier to begin thinking about how you can improve those lives and what positive impaqct that might have on you and your business.