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Think about your business for a moment, in relation to the people it engages with. People are running your business, people are buying from you and supplying to you, people may invest in or collaborate with your business and people you don’t even see may be affected by some of the things your business does.

Businesses are people too

So how do you relate to these people? You probably would say you had great relationships with your clients, because you put a lot of effort into this and recognise this is crucial to your success. Do you though put the same effort into your colleagues, your suppliers and do you even think about who might be affected by your activity, even though you can’t see it (we talk more about these people on our Community page).

Most business owners would say their staff are important, even key tro their success, so let’s concentrate on them. How far do you take this knowledge? Do you fully share your aims and values with your people? Do you offer them the opportunity for creative input and do you listen?

Perhaps you offer flexible working because it has become law, but do you really engage with them around how, when and where they work and on what? Do you take time to consider their health and well-being and ensure they are still getting value form what they do? And do you offer training so they can do it better or do something different?

These are all issues that can improve your chances of attracting and retaining the best staff; the people that can make your business great. If you don’t know what your staff think of you, maybe now is the time to find out.