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Agile Business

Our focus is to help you develop an agile business, but we need to explain what this means and how we approach the journey towards agility.

Agile Business

Agile Business

Agile business characteristics

So, we think of agility as the ability to move or think quickly and easily, particularly in response to change. For this to happen in an organisation, you need stability, strength, synergy and speed:

  • Stability is the basis from which positive action is possible. It enables poise and balance and offers a clear idea which actions are needed in any given situation.
    • Strength helps not only to maintain the stable core, but helps to enable faster responses once the need for action has been recognised.
  • Synergy is vital to ensure all elements react in unison, so the response is effective and efficient. It can also help to automate responses when the change is unexpected.
  • Speed is essential to outpace danger or exploit opportunities before your competitors. Good reflexes are important here to help speed up the response.

Making it work for you

Stability comes from knowing your business, being clear about your goals and defining how you will achieve them. You also create stability when you understand your strengths and weaknesses. And when you determine how all these strands work together to make your business work and satisfy your clients needs.

In turn, this knowledge developsĀ strength. You now have the information you need to choose the right people for your business. That is, people with the right experience,Ā skills and values. People who are willing and have the opportunity to share that learning for the benefit of the organisation.

Then, when you have the right people, working in the right way towards shared goals, you have synergy. This harmony is reflected in the systems and processes which facilitate action and reaction to ensure it is effective, concerted, collaborative and fair.

Finally, we come to speed. You can improve speed with strong people and systems working together across functions. This helps to automate some responses and make quicker decisions where new information has to be considered. And speed is necessary; when reacting to change or developing new ideas as it keeps you ahead of the competition. Nothing should stand in the way of constantly moving your business forward.

These characteristics do not just benefit your business. They also ask you to look differently at your relationships with your communities and the wider environment. It is important that your actions will not adversely affect the environment that supports you. This includes your clients, suppliers, employees, communities and, yes, even the planet itself.

The benefits of an agile business:

  • Happy and healthy people increase performance, innovation, retention and attraction and help you exploit organisational intelligence
  • Cost reductions available through reduced recruitment needs, reduced office space and energy requirement. Also increased organisational efficiencies and reductions in travel and transport
  • Competitor advantage through differentiation, planning, resilience and adapting to and/or anticipating change
  • Stakeholder value increases through brand enhancement, improved performance, organisational sustainability. This attracts investment and develops alternative measures of success

If all this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry. The Agile Business Partnership will take you through the process. We will help deliver the agility your business needs to thrive and survive.

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