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Business Mailing Address

For small companies and the self employed, a professional business mailing address gives you a credible base, is easy to manage and is more secure than using your home address. Many business clients expect their suppliers to have a business address as it forms part of their business reputation.

Additionally, any business registered with Companies House has to have an address to register and to which HMRC send mail. A post box address is not accepatable, but anyway, you will want a credible address to raise your profile and reputation.


Registered Address

Registered Address

Statutory Mail from HMRC and Companies House only forwarded



Business Mailing Address

Business Mailing Address

Business Mailing Address, where all mail is forwarded


You also have a great deal more flexibility about a mailing address than you do if you were actually renting office space. A business address can be positioned to be among your customers, among your competition or near your suppliers. Your post is sorted, which saves you spending time dealing with unwanted post. And any special mail can be dealt with accordingly. Or we can even scan and email documents if you prefer.

Many people are far more agile about the way the work now. Small and micro businesses often don’t need or want office space, telephone systems and all the expensive overheads of traditional business premises. A business mailing address enhances your profile, but saves a great deal of money.

If you need to look at telecoms, then why not look into our telephone answering service or our hosted telephony service. Both provide a professional service, enhancing your image, while being affordable, flexible and scalable.


Business Mailing Address Services

Business mailing address with BS postcodes, incoming mail sorted and forwarded weekly (postal charges are cost + 20%).

Registered Address allows for Companies House registration and HMRC mail only is forwarded.

Business Address gives your business a full trading address for statuary and business mail.


All prices exclude VAT.