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Virtual Office Bristol

Virtual Office Bristol offers a professional business presence for your business in Bristol. This includes telephone answer, local telephone number,  hosted telephony and cloud computing.

Virtual Office Bristol

We can refer you to local suppliers who will provide you with a Bristol city centre address in the heart of the business centre. With a local Bristol number and telephone answering as well as all our other services, you are assured a great city centre presence.

Alternatively, you may require an out of town presence. Near your customers or suppliers perhaps. Wherever you need to be, we can ensure you have the right profile for your business.

How do our services actually work?

Our phone system resides on a server from which any number of handsets can work. The software controls the phone and the whole system runs on SIPS trunks.

This means it runs over the internet, so we can provide VoIP phones which can significantly reduce call charges. And we can programme the system to work on an existing phone number or on a new number we can provide.

Then we can answer calls in your name and deal with them, or the calls can come directly to you on the handsets we provide. But you only pay monthly for the handsets you need with no capital outlay for a sophisticated phone system that will be out of date in a year.

However, if you already have phones and just want a call answering service, we can also manage this for you. We answer calls in your company name and deal with them according to your instructions. Thus ensuring you never miss a call.

In addition, there is our cloud service with Microsoft. Email, data and storage that means you can access your work at any time, from any location. You only need a suitable device and a connection.

Of course, you do not need to have a complet virtual office Bristol. Because our services are set up for you to be able to pick and choose from the various elements to suit your business needs. Just click on the links below for more information.

Telephone Answer

Never miss an important call

Hosted Telephony

Easy, economic and scalable

Cloud Computing

Your data at your fingertips


Flexible and scalable workplace options