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Workplace Design

Workplace design is not just about how the office looks – although research suggest this does have a role to play.

What we mean is that an agile business will look at the way people work, from where and when they work to how and even why they work.

Holistic Workplace Design

Work is primarily made up of a set of tasks. Each task has set criteria, parameters and goals. Tsks differ in how they are done; some may be alone and require cincentration, some require collaboration and interaction, some require creativity and some are simply monotonous.

Why then do we assume that each and every task requires the same space. We don’t do this at home; we have quiet spaces like bedrooms, communal spaces like dining rooms, kitchens and gardens and concentration spaces like studies.

How is it that workplace design is only interested in the look of where we work and not the practicalities. It stems from industrial age thinking. In the knowledge work, digital era, this narrow view should not still be in vogue.

Where and when we work

We need to look at flexible working which means we can work round family life and then where we work best. This could be at home, on the move or in third places.

Task-relevant design

Generally we can look at various tasks and the spaces we might need to undertake each type of work we do. So we might need concentration space, open space, closed or open team spaces and serendipity spaces.