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The world of work is changing. The workplace is no longer a set desk, in a set place, at a set time. You have choice over the environments in which you work and can choose them depending on the taks, your mood and other factors. Here we talk about some ways of working.

For the most adaptable, flexible solution, an agile workplace is hard to beat. Whether a business hub offering hot-desk space, a co-working, open plan environment offering more permanent solutions or a business centre with private office space, you are bound to find the right solution. Many offer hot-desk facilities that can be booked by the hour, day or month. And most will have a permanent solution; an instant office environment, open plan or private and available monthly.

Additionally, you will find good internet connection, a desk space at which to work, a range of facilities and services to support you – and access to a kitchen! All in a professional and secure environment.

Other services might include landline phones, meeting rooms and admin services. Furthermore, you’re sharing the space with like-minded people who respect the fact that everyone is there to work and collaboration is not just a possibility, but actively encouraged.

If you are on the road a lot, or only ocassionally, or normally work from home, these spaces can be a great addition to your workplace strategy for those times when a noisy coffee shop or other public space won’t do. All you do is turn up, plug in and focus on what you need to do; it is a great way to work.

To find out more about local business centres, please call Barry Harvey on 0117 317 8162. Barry previously ran a business centre and is very knowledgable about what is available in and around Bristol. He can also offer impartial advice on what might be the best solution for your business.