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Space as a Service is an approach to delivering the workspace your people need.

It can include hosted telephone, hot-desking and gigabit broadband that enhance your building’s appeal.┬áNot only that, they are fully managed by us, require no capital outlay and also provide significant income streams.

For commercial landlords, attracting and retaining tenants is paramount. Space as a Service adds value to your client offering, giving you competitive advantage and reducing marketing costs.

Space as a Service

Serviced Offices

Your tenants may be looking for overspill space, ad-hoc working arrangements or meeting space. Whatever their needs, we can provide anything from hot-desk space to fully serviced offices that can be hired by your tenants, their clients and visitors or local businesses.

Hosted Telephony

Based in the cloud, our telephone system is scalable, adaptable, while nevertheless offering a bespoke, high quality service. Our clients simple pay monthly for the handsets and associated services they need – we do all the rest.

Telesales Service

Our professional, experienced and highly trained sales team can carry out a wide range of services for you or your tenants. Whether information gathering, appointment-making or lead generation, our sales team merges with your marketing effort to offer valuable sales growth.

Telephone Answering

In addition, for business owners that do not want the expense of staff and an expansive phone system, we have a telephone answering service. Lost calls cost businesses money and our flexible service, with calls answered and dealt with by our professional sales team, ensure no business need ever miss a call.

Gigabit Broadband

Through our business partner, Triangle Networks, we can provide large scale broadband to buildings, business areas, trading estates, etc. This can then be managed and delivered to provide what each tenant requires at a highly competitive cost. We can also offer commercial WiFi services and, as with our other services, creates additional income for the landlord.

Managing our landlord services

We manage evrything. We will talk to your tenants, arrange the services they need and carry out all the work.

There is no capital outlay because none is required.

For example, we can order, install and then deliver broadband to your tenants, in whatever capacity they need for a fixed monthly fee.

Another example is our hosted telephony. It is simply an extension of our existing cloud system. We provide and programme the handsets to client instructions and we provide fully itemised billing. The system is already operational.

As with so many of our services, the overheads are ours. All you do is offer the services in your marketing activity and we do the rest. We offer a portion of the profit back to the landlord in exchange for the opportunity to bring these services to your tenants.


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