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Telephone Answering Service

Who will answer your calls when you’re not there? And will it cost £1,200?

What is the cost of not having a telephone answering service? If you are with clients, on the phone, presenting to prospects or just plain busy, you can’t answer the phone and for many small businesses this can be a problem. It can lead to missed enquiries, missed client calls, even missed supplier calls; all of which can lead to missed opportunities.

Research by BT in 2014 suggests that the cost of missing a single call is ‘approximately £1,200’. BT also claim that, with businesses becoming increasingly mobile (77% offer flexible working, 45% hot-desking) “…getting calls to the right person is potentially more difficult”.

And if you thought voicemail was the answer, statistics quoted in Forbes  “show that 80% of callers sent to voicemail, don’t leave messages because they don’t think they’ll even be heard”.

That could be your customer looking for updates or a prospect needing your help. So, what will it cost to make sure all your calls are answered?

Sole Trader

Sole Trader

£35.00pcm including 15 incoming calls (£1.50 per call thereafter) for sole contact

Micro Business

Micro Business

£60.00pcm including 40 incoming calls (£1.50 per call thereafter) for slightly larger businesses with more calls and up to two contacts

Small Business

Small Business

£95.00pcm including 75 incoming calls (£1.50 per call thereafter) for small businesses with more calls and up to three contacts



£120.00pcm including 120 incoming calls (£1.50 per call thereafter) for larger businesses with more calls and up to 5 contacts

Our Telephone Answering Service

Answering the phone is important; it speaks volumes about your business, the care you take over your clients and it ensures you do not miss opportunities.

With our Telephone Answering Service, you are always there. If a prospect rings and we can’t put them straight through to you, we reassure them so they don’t simply ring the next potential supplier on their list.

Or if a client rings with a problem or an urgent order, we take the details so they know something is happening. We can also field the calls you don’t want, saving you even more time and money.

Whether you use us all the time or only when you are busy, we make sure you never miss a call.

Peace of mind and no contracts

To ensure you never miss a call costs from only £35.00 per month. And there is no contract; just a simple rolling monthly license. This means you can grow, contract or even just stop with ease and without penalties.

Our telephone answering service includes dedicated telephone number, answer & forward and/or message service. Local telephone number (UK-wide; Freephone, Lo-call and premium rate numbers also available – call charges will vary). Incoming calls answered in your company name during office hours. Calls transferred to your landline or mobile or dealt with according to your instructions and messages fowarded by email. Alternatives can be set up for out-of-hours calls.

If you have overseas clients, we can also answer calls during the hours that correspond with the relevant time zone, as well as offering technical support to businesses operating client support and/or out-of-hours services.

For more information on any of our services, please call Barry Harvey on 0117 317 8162 now.

We promise it won’t cost you £1,200.


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telephone answering service

Telephone Answering

From £35.00

per month


No contract


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