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Your Virtual Office

Your Virtual Office: your business when you’re not there

Your Virtual Office

Who answers the phone if you’re busy? Where’s your data when you are out? Where is your office if you work from home? Where is your business if clients prefer you to have an office?

Could it be in your virtual office?

If you’re with a client, who will take the call from another client? If you’re discussing a potential project with a prospect, who will respond to the next enquiry that comes in?

In this digital age of ever-faster communication, you cannot afford to be unavailable. And you should consider your business unavailable when:

  • You cannot take a phone call
  • You cannot give clients and prospects the information they need
  • You do not have an office presence that a client would recognise

So, when is an office not an office?

When it is your virtual office.

A virtual office gives you a telephone answering service, business mailing address, hosted telephony, cloud computing and workplace options.

Of course, not everyone will need all these services. Many of our clients do not have an office, so our address gives them a profile, a credible address to register with HMRC and, even more important, to use on Google.

Some clients use their mobiles and save money on a landline system. We take their calls, as an extension of their business, and put them through or send a message. When they’re not available, their business still is.

Other clients work in the cloud, because they love being able to access and work on data from anywhere. Or they might use our hosted telephone system, which is economic, controllable and scalable.

In short, we enhance your image and enable even the smallest businesses to compete with much larger organisations.

But what if you don’t want a virtual office?

These services can still be valuable if you already have, or are considering, real office space. The hosted telephony, telephone answering and cloud computing services in particular benefit small businesses. Because you get the latest and best technology and services but without expensive capital outlay, without having to worry about obsolescence and without having to set up and manage the technology on your own.