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Protecting the environment

The environment has become a catch-all term for concerns around sustainability and renewable enefgy, but every organisation needs to think about more tan just these issues.

The environment is struggling because we take too much out of the ground and don’t put enough back and also because a lot of the processes we use doing this poisons the atmosphere and changes weather patterns. As individuals and even very small businesses, we can choose to do something about this.

Planning and resilience is about identifying issues and deciding what you can do about them; making changes that ensure you comply with legislation, shifts in attitude and similar market forces that might otherwise catch you out. You could look at how you could improve the commute, by car-sharing, joining the government cycle to work scheme, offering flexible hours to enable cheaper bus fares.

Are you sourcing sustainably and being energy efficient so as to be carbon-neutral and to not cause further damage to the physical world around you?We can turn off lights and equipment when not in use, look at alternative energy sources like solar or low energy bulbs and print off as little data as possible.

Sustainable sourcing means going right through your supply chain and checking their environmental activity and making similar improvements. Could your cleaners be using environmentally neutral pproducts for example?

Many business owners think this is going to be expensive and laborious, but it is quite easy to make small changes and even save money

Additionally there are sound business benefits. Employees are actively seeking organisations who are serious about these issues and your attraction and retention rates may well improve, along with your productivity. Existing and potential clients also may well want to align themselves with businesses around environmental concerns.

None of us exist or work in isolation, but it can sometimes be hard to connect with those around us. When you start thinking about the lives you touch it is easier to begin thinking about how you can improve those lives and what positive impact that might have on you and your business.